Certified End-of-Life Practitioner

Heart-centered Guidance, Advocacy, and Support Before, During and After Death

Do you wish for someone to walk alongside you as you near the end of life?

As an end-of-life doula, I serve my clients by advocating for their needs, tending to their emotional and spiritual concerns while providing compassionate guidance toward a peaceful transition unto death. We are all unique individuals who approach life and living on our own terms. Why should our approach to death and dying be any different?

My offerings include: life review, end-of-life documents, legacy projects, vigil planning, guided imagery, Reiki, and rituals. Services are available in English, Spanish, and French.

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Hi, I'm Judy Iannaccone.

End-of-Life Practitioner (she/her)

In 2018, my journey to where I am today began while my brother was dying. As I sat at his bedside watching his struggle, I knew there had to be a better way. Afterwards, I felt called to become a death doula. In 2020, I took INELDA's end-of-life doula training. Soon, I dove deeper by completing The HeartWay’s 600-hour End-of-Life Practitioner Certification program.

My goal as an end-of-life practitioner is to meet you exactly where you are. By serving you as a whole person, our sessions will leave you with a sense of peace and inner clarity. All the while, I will support your loved ones and help ease their grief before and after you are gone.

Compassionate End-of-Life Services

Are you feeling overwhelmed as you or a loved one is nearing death? Do you yearn for greater peace around death? Are you struggling with talking with your family about your final wishes? Are you seeking a sacred space in which to travel towards your transition? Together we can plan for an end-of-life that will give you and your loved ones the greatest peace.

path to peaceful death

Creating a Path to a Peaceful Death

Our time together can encompass a life review, your end-of-life choices and documents, development of legacy projects such as videos and letters for loved ones, as well as envisioning plans for your final days. Each session is tailored to your unique needs.

end of life services

Intuitive End-of-Life Services

Depending on your preferences, offerings for you and your family can include personalized guided imagery sessions, Yoga Nidra relaxation and meditation, Reiki biofield therapy, aromatherapy, loving rituals, and sound therapy featuring chimes and singing bowls.

vital end of life resources

Vital Resources and Referrals

You and your family may require additional support. For needs outside my scope of practice, I can find appropriate resources, including hospices, caregivers, green burial options, cremation, palliative care, assisted living, legal support, and more. You are not alone.

Please let me know how I can offer you greater peace at this moment. Book a free consultation call or reach me by email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"The way we regard death is critical to the way we experience life. When your fear of death changes, the way you live your life changes."

- Ram Dass

Are you ready to take the next step?

Please let me know how I might offer you the greatest sense of well-being at this time. Whether you or your loved one is facing an imminent end of life or you wish to do some advance planning, contact me so we can begin walking together along your unique path.

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